Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In Which I Review Under the Dome (2x8)

Was there a point to this episode? I'm honestly asking because I don't know what I was supposed to get out of this week's "Awakening." There are too many damn storylines on this show. Reduce, for crying out loud! Just because Dean Norris is your big star does not mean that you need to give him some random thing to do each and every single week that has nothing to do with the overall Dome-plot. If they removed the Big Jim, Rebecca, Junior aspect of this weeks trip into the bizarre, we could have had a much tighter story. It's all over the place this week. And I'm not quite sure why the name of the episode is "Awakening." No one was really awoken. Lyle, I suppose, came back to himself but that's about it. I sincerely hope that next week we get some answers to the bigger mysteries--and hopefully not in a "magnificent" display of exposition like when they answered the Melanie question. 

Papa-Q is shady as hell. His energy company, Aktaion Energy, has a lot of government contracts and have been studying the Dome since it went down. They--and they alone--have figured out how to get past the barrier and deliver a message to the residents inside the Dome. Or something. Honestly, I'm not overly sure what they're doing. Studying the Dome? Trying to bring it down? Making sure it never gets brought down? Feeding the Dome the souls of 7 virgins every night? Anyway, Papa-Q can get a message to Julia inside the Dome to let her know that Barbie is okay and that he'll try to find a way back. The message Barbie sends to Julia tells her to take a leap of faith, but when Julia gets the emails (by way of Joey) the email also tells her to bring the Egg. The catch? Barbie never put anything about an egg into the original email. Cue dramatic music! So Papa-Q wants the egg. The egg really is the Ring, isn't it? Everyone and their freaking brother is out to get this damn glowing Egg. Oh man, when Melanie finds out that they want her precious Egg, she's going to go nuts. Or more nuts, I suppose.

Oh look. It's some guy we've never met before who waltzes into the plot with information and skills that are vital to our heroes and protagonists. Please tell me his name isn't Max. Nope, it's Hunter. And why do I care about Hunter? I don't. Hunter has been following Barbie because he recognizes that Barbie is from Under the Dome (roll credits). Hunter is a technological wizard and works for Papa-Q. Hunter has all manner of helpful gadgets and gizmos to help Barbie! Isn't Hunter fun!! I'm being sarcastic, obviously. Hunter is deus ex machina with funny glasses. Hunter is also the web designer of Hounds of Diana, the website that made such a brief appearance earlier this season that I had forgotten it existed. The website is used to tell others the real truth about the Dome--but Hunter doesn't bother divulging what that truth is. Once Hunter proves to Barbie that Papa-Q messed with the email the two men become allies. Barbie gets another email off to Julia telling her (in code) to meet at the Dome at sundown. Aw. That's sweet. Also, really good timing seeing as Julia was about to send a message to Barbie and then jump off the cliff if Barbie could prove he was really alive.

This is such a great disguise, Barbie! No one will recognize you now! Seriously. Aren't you like some Army Ranger or something? Shouldn't you know how to create a disguise that isn't just a pair of glasses and a hoodie? And can you please wash the blood off your neck, already? It's a dead give away. Using his super cool disguise skills, Barbie "sneaks" into Chester's Mill, moving past the scary army men in black. At night, he and Julia meet up at the Dome. Their reunion is brief because Barbie is discovered by the army men and taken but not before he tells Julia "don't jump." I really thought he was going to write, "Not Penny's Boat." It would have been an awesome inside joke seeing as this episode was directed by Jack Bender, LOST veteran. So Barbie is taken away by the police/army/whatever and Julia does a lot of yelling. But the real "twist" is that Big Jim, who learned that Barbie "died" last episode, is standing in the bushes watching all of this. So now Big Jim knows that Barbie got out and that everyone has been lying to him. Oh no! He's probably going to take it out on Rebecca. I rather hope so because even though she's the town scientist, her plot line is officially dead so I think it's time for her to be dead as well. Sorry, Science Teacher Pine.

Ok, last plot line that actually matters. Lyle has gone from saying "Melanie" all the time to saying "It's in the cards." Sure, Lyle. Whatever you say. Lyle is out of his mind, but thankfully there is a wonder drug that cures madness! How lucky! I am rolling my eyes so hard here. Sam and Pauline break into a secret stash of medicine (because in the loony bin, nothing is monitored or kept under incredibly tight security). Once they give the meds to Lyle, he is sane once more. Or relatively sane, I suppose. Lyle tells Sam and Pauline that he was referring to all the postcards Pauline sent him over the years; these postcards were the events of the Dome long before they happened. The last postcard is the most significant; it's the red door. When asked why she drew it, Pauline has no idea nor does she know what it matters. Because our prophet is useless! Ugh. What was the point of all this? Why did Lyle go mad? We already knew Pauline was seeing things and drawing them, so why reinforce all this once again in this episode? So much tedious storytelling!

Miscellaneous Notes on Awakening

--"I get over zealous" Big Jim's plot this week was so stupid. Shock! People don't like him and are out to get him! Shock! The perpetrator was Phil! Shock! Nothing came of this except Phil being locked up. 

--"We're never getting of here alive."
"Yeah, we all got problems."

--"That's what you get for jumping off the cliff, thinking you'd bring the rapture."

--I predict that the red door will magically lead everyone back to Chester's Mill.

--Why is Joey making a vlog? You cannot post this vlog. This vlog is useless.

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