Tuesday, October 21, 2014

In Which I Review Sleepy Hollow (2x5)

Now, THAT is how you do monster of the week! This weeks episode, "The Weeping Lady" was exactly how a monster of the week episode should go, one that fits inside the larger mythos, has a good theme from start to finish, some old fashioned (literally?) angsty moments, and lots of funnies. This was really Sleepy Hollow at its finest: campy and enjoyable but still frightening. The themes of this week, while not subtle, were nicely established and fleshed out from the moment the show opened: jealousy. Specifically, romantic jealousy, the kind that turns men and women into green-eyed monsters (literally). What happens when we get jilted? Sure, we might down a pint of Rocky Road and listen to Adele's "Someone Like You" or we might become a vengeful spirit who drags people into her watery depths. I mean, it really just depends on what floats your boat. That pun was not intentional, but it worked. There are jealousies to be had all around from Ichabod-Katrina-Mary, Ichabod-Katrina-Abraham, and even a bit of Ichabod-Abby-Katrina. And to top it all off, John Noble being wonderfully deep voiced and evil and tormented as he figures out new and delightful ways to make his parents life a living hell. Really, top notch episode tonight.

You know, there is something about Mary. Low hanging fruit, I know, but I took advantage. Mary Wells is like the Hook of Sleepy Hollow. Is it too early after my visceral ONCE review to make ONCE jokes? Ah well. She's creepy, stalkerish, possessive, and given to fits of hysteria when things don't go her way. She's also Ichabod's fiancee. Say whaaaaat? Yup, Miss Giant Black Umbrella (not ominous at all) was engaged to our Mr. Crane back in Ye Olden Days. Arranged marriages were pretty common back then so it's not surprising that two gentleman who were good friends decides to hook up their children together and join their houses without consideration to temperament, attitude, or love. Long live the sexual revolution, my friends. Where was I? Right, Miss Mary Wells and Ichabod ended up breaking off their engagement before he left England for the Colonies but she came in search of him after hearing how he dared to betray the Motherland for the plight of the silly little colonies yearning for freedom and cheaper tea. And when she arrives...her green eyes begin to metaphorically glow cause there's Katrina with her hair all loose and free flowing. Only loose women wear their hair like that. Clearly Katrina's a vile seductress who has tempted her dear Ichy away from his beloved Mary, turned his head with her square cut necklines and red lips. Kill the witch! It works cause Katrina is actually a witch. And beware the jilted woman. She might just become a weeping lady.

Many years later the Weeping Lady, a local legend in Sleepy Hollow, has risen from the depths and is attacking nice pretty girls. The Weeping Lady is a really scary image. She's clad in black lace; she cries a lot before she attacks you, and once she has you in her clutches, down to the depths of a black swirling vortex of terror you go. Oh and her eyes glow a demonic green. Do you see where this is going? The first person she attacks is Caroline (who is actually Jane Bingley from Lizzie Bennett Diaries), a new woman with whom Ichabod has gotten to know quite well. Caroline works with reenactments from the colonial period and really loves how much Icahbod believes in keeping true to the times. You might say "it's a life style." Poor Miss Caroline also has a huge crush on our boy. Awwww. I don't blame her. I have Crane on the Brain too. But alas, our Ichabod is devoted to his wife, Katrina, and his life partner---erm, work partner---erm, witness partner, Abby. So naturally Caroline must die. I know, quick and abrupt but thems the breaks, kid. So yeah, the Weeping Lady drags poor Caroline/Jane down to her watery grave. Sad. Brief aside, the actress who plays Caroline is really good and sweet and lovely. Keep an eye out for her. She's gonna be big. Ichabod is really upset at losing a friend. As he so rightly points out, he doesn't have many. You know, in my reviews I never stop to think about how hard his life must be. He's alone, some what friendless, wifeless, his son is the Horseman of War, and his former best friend is the Horseman of Death and he's living in a totally new century. And now he's lost a good friend who "got" his love of the Colonial period. Ichabod just keeps losing people or ideas that he loves. And he might lose another before the episode is over. I figured that Abby might be the next victim when it became clear that the Weeping Lady was following her. And sure enough, the Green Eyed She-Demon pulled Abby under. And Ichabod goes into HERO MODE. This was a really intense scene and the intensity was only matched when Ichabod manages to pull Abby free and then actually calls her "Abby." Normally she's Miss Mills or Lefteniant, but tonight she was Abby as he was perilously close to losing her. Yeah, it was adorable. But now it becomes pretty clear where this episode is going: The Weeping Lady is Mary Wells (her last name is WELLS for goodness sake. Pure camp) and she's going after Ichabod's wife next. Quick! Save Katrina (or not).

Katrina is shady. Always has been. But now she's even more shady. I do enjoy that it took the collective force of Katrina and Abby to take down The Weeping Lady (though, Abby learned Latin quite quick, did she not?) but what really made that moment--and the moment that followed--was that when Mary was passing into the next life, Ichabod asked her what happened to her and why she didn't return to England. And Mary points to...yup, Katrina. Dun dun duuuuuun. So much dramatic music!! What did Katrina do? She had a secret meeting with Mary and "accidentally" helped her fall of a cliff. Ok, I'm being unfair. Katrina didn't actually cause Mary's death but she did lie to Ichabod about it. She made him believe that Mary had left for England. amicably, and never told him the truth after they were wed. And poor Ichabod is pretty upset. So he lost Caroline, he almost lost Abby, and now he's "lost" Katrina in more ways than one. She's not the woman he thought he married--she's kept too many secrets and told too many lies. And now, just when he is facing the cold harsh watery-esque reality that Katrina isn't a saint, here comes the Headless Horseman with whom Katrina goes freely. Ichabod Crane, meet jealousy. Get used to her, I thinks she'll be hounding you for the rest of the season. However, I do want to point out that while Ichabod is getting angry at Katrina, Katrina is surely noticing the way that Abby knocks Ichabod out of danger and how close the two Witnesses are standing while she stands apart from them. Ah yes. Jealousy. It works both ways.

Miscellaneous Notes on The Weeping Lady

--Crane on the brain. Seriously. I suffer from this.

--"A missive sent by thumbs cannot properly convey emotions." "Hence emoticons"

--Lover's Lane = walking hand in hand. Oh precious.

--Hawlie and Jenny got quite the little somethin' somethin', eh?

--Moloch is quite angry at Henry. I think Mr. War is getting too big for his breeches. Demons are not patient people.

--Ichabbie hug is life.

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