Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In Which I Review Under the Dome (1x8)

A theory in two parts

Part One

The alien overlords are coming. The egg-rock thing is not an egg or rock. It is a homing device and is generating a subspace signal telling the Aliens where to land. The more pink lights appear, the closer the aliens come. "The pink stars are falling" refers to the homing device. More of them will be falling around the world as the aliens prepare for an invasion. Chester's Mill is a testing ground. The aliens are studying humanity to know what our weaknesses are and how to defeat us. As they gather information, they will know how to invade without needing the Dome. The Dome around Chester's Mill is a science project--how to humans react in certain situations. Once the aliens have finished their research, there will be no need for domes, and instead, using their prelaunched homing devices, they will land upon our shores. What about Jorrie? The Dome is using them to amplify the signal of the homing device. Why them? They aren't "special" per se but they do resonate the same frequency as the homing device; not many people do, thus why they are "special." (Thank you Fringe).

Part Two

Red Herring:  a literary device that leads readers or characters towards a false conclusion. 
I do not for one moment think that Angie is the monarch. That monarch tattoo screams "deliberate mislead." Following part one of my theory, the "Monarch" is the human that the aliens have chosen to be their representative. The Aliens will either control this person telepathically or take over their body. In my head there are a few contenders:
Barbie: the military man who knows about law, order, and explosives. Also very pretty.
Joey: Connection to the Dome; smart
Norrie: Connection to the Dome
Big Jim: craves power above all else.

Now let's review the actual episode, shall we?

Can we talk about the amount of irony laced within the first few moments of this episode? "Thicker than Water" starts off with Jim confronting Junior about killing the Dundee brothers and says, "who are you to decide who gets punished?" That's a great question, Big Jim, seeing as you have killed--in cold blood!--two people now in order to keep your secrets. Moments later, we see Barbie digging a grave (just like episode one) and Julia approaches and speaking of Carolyn and Alice says, "Can you imagine losing a spouse like that?" Oh girlfriend, you have no idea! Barbie makes a non-commital grunt all the while probably thinking, "yeah about that..."

Two main stories this episode: personal and mythological. The personal storyline was, for me, slightly overkill. The farmers vs everyone else. Junior siding with Aolie Bad-Teeth Farmer was not at all shocking seeing as Junior and Jim have fallen out and given the title (playing off the saying "blood is thicker than water") I wasn't surprised that Junior killed Aolie Bad-Teeth Farmer and saved Big Jim. We got some more information about Junior's mother--apparently she was (I think) schizophrenic and committed suicide. Jim and Junior have a nice little moment but of course it changes nothing. Jim is still a power hungry man and Junior is still...Junior. Barbie blew up the well and redirected the water back to other wells so now Aolie can't lord his precious resource over everyone. Barbie saves the day! If I ever go back and rewatch the show, I'll make a list of how many times Barbie saves the day. I'm telling ya, those alien overlords are gonna pretty interested in Mr. Dale Barbara. However, Barbie is once again noticed by Big Jim and Jim doesn't like what he sees: a competitor. 

It would be nice if the rest of the town--Linda, Barbie, Big Jim, Angie, Junior--could put aside this "fight for survival" stuff and learn about the mini dome and the "egg." I think each of them might have something to add--either knowledge or experience or suggestions. It's time for Lord of the Flies to die and focus on the bigger issues.

Joey "accidentely" lets it slip to Julia that he and Norrie found something in the woods and she demands to be taken to it. Once there, she too puts her hands on it and sees an image. Now here is what is strange: Julia sees Joey but the "real" Joey does not see Joey. So far, the people who've been seen (but are not really there) were Harriet's husband (who is outside the Dome); Alice (who is dead); and Joey (who wonders if he will die). Joey could see Alice so why couldn't he see himself? My running theory is that you have to be touching the mini-dome to see the image it shows you; Joey was not. Does this mean Joey will die? Doubtful. First, TV doesn't kill the kid. Just doesn't work that way. At least not broadcast primetime TV. Second, I think he is the strongest contender for "Monarch" of the Aliens. He's smart but kind of dumb and he thinks the Dome is a bit of a blessing; he's in "awe" of it. One thing is for certain, Joey will be freaking out over the next few episodes wondering if he's going to die.

Miscellaneous Notes from Thicker than Water

 --Angie and Norrie had a nice moment. I think they'd make good sisters-in-law.

--"I didn't want you to know that she chose to leave you." Big Jim is an ass, but that made me sad on the inside. He's a terrible father but like most terrible fathers, he occasionally has bright moments.

--Chester's Mill has now secured water and food. It's time to move past the primal eat-or-be-eaten mentality.

--Jim seems to think the Dome is here to stay; or does he want the Dome to be here to stay?

--What was wrong with Junior's mom? Did she hear voices? Did they warn her of an impending attack or invasion?


  1. We learned a couple of episodes ago that Monarch butterflies are not common to Chester's Mill at this time of year, but they were attracted to the Dome. I can understand that they were drawn to it given the magnetic properties the show claims it has...how in the actual frak did one get inside the Dome to appear in the opening scene of the episode? Are there ways in and out of the Dome or is this just more plot devicey, bad writing shenanigans?
    I'm curious as to why Big Jim has given up hope that they will ever escape the Dome. Does this mean that depression is setting in, realistic views, or is he being told by an unknown force that they are forever trapped?
    Farmer Bad-Teeth is nothing more than an asshole who serves little purpose at this point, he can be dead now. But that probably won't happen since this show only kills off the good/useful characters (i.e. Rose/Zelda, Alice, Sheriff Lapidus). *end of episode* Ding dong the jerk is dead!
    Jim needs to be dethroned from his supposed perch of power, his authority is empty. PS: Junior hitting Big Jim was fantastic, not really a Junior fan (aside from staring at his beautiful full lips)...but that was just pure awesome. Though I'm not sure I believe his explanation at the end about being a double-agent/trojan horse.
    I have a question for Mr. Demolition man, Barbie...I am by no means an expert on wells or explosives but how does blowing up a metal pipe which draws water from the earth redirect water to several other locations? Bad-Teeth's well, as it was explained, was dug long ago and syphoned water from other sources which would suggest it went deep enough to do so. How does an explosion redirect gravity?
    Why was Big Jim trying to sell Barbie on his idea that blowing up the well was too risky? We just learned it can rain inside the Dome, though the well is convenient it is not necessary for survival. Also, why is he trying to split the town into two groups Us vs. Them...(LOST-esque anyone?)
    Joey's house has power...I thought the generator blew episodes ago when the impromptu party was held there...when did it get fixed and how is it still running?
    Barlie have now slept together and she refers to him as Honey...I feel as though they are advancing this relationship way too quickly; especially since they will have to deal with what Barbie has done.
    Why is Jorrie standing inside the grave at the end of the episode? That's morbid and down-right creepy.
    Will Joey die now that Reporter has seen him, or is it trying to communicate using familiar faces (via Contact/Jodie Foster)?
    "The Monarch will be crowned."...Okay, I'll say it. E.T. Hunger Games. What if this is for the sole amusement for alien life? Trap people under the dome and see who is still alive at the end. Those lights are maybe the signal broadcasting the events to the big screen TV's on Pluto. [Extended theory: This is happening because the Plutonians are pissed off that earthlings declassified their home-world as a planet.]

  2. Pluto theory is new headcanon. Perfect.