Friday, October 2, 2015

In Which I Review Sleepy Hollow (3x1)

Just in time for Halloween, Sleepy Hollow--the most wacky, fun, spaghetti-to-the-wall show on TV--is back for some more insane mythology and campy goodness. And, as always, Ichabbie came out to play. Ahhh, I have missed them. There were a lot of questions going into the new and third season of Sleepy Hollow: how would Ichabod handle Katrina's death after she did an about face and went evil? What new monster will Team Witnesses have to face now that both Moloch and Henry are gone? How will the relationship between Ichabod and Abbie grow and develop? And, maybe most importantly, can Sleepy Hollow find its way back after a somewhat difficult second half of their last season? While I enjoyed the season two finale, the emotional resolution was also left hanging out in Limbo and the show felt like it was getting a massive reset which, I admit, sometimes shows do need. With the proverbial red button pushed, can Sleepy Hollow remember its founding paradigm and refocus on what made it so much fun in the first place? This week's episode, "I, Witness" attempts to answer all those questions and more. So, grab yourself an Ichabbie hug (squeeeee) and let's go!

Evil has returned to Sleepy Hollow after, apparently, a very long vacation. Much like at the end of the first half of season 2, evil has been put out to sea away from the little town and our Witnesses find themselves apart but unlike last year, one of them is dealing with this much better than the other--well, so she believes. Abbie is certainly coming into the world, eh? She's on a path and that's where Abbie likes to be: focused, determined and sure. Forever the pragmatist, Abbie Mills does not get bogged down in the philosophical quandaries that bother her co-Witness. Before all the evil and head chopping started, Abbie was headed to the FBI and now she's met that goal. As far as Abbie is concerned, her role in Team Witnesses is done. She has a new mission and while the criminals she hunts down are still monsters, they are as mundane as the world around her without Ichabod Crane. Speaking of the (unbelievably) handsome devil, Mr. Crane is totally adrift, unsure of his destiny and his purpose. Thankfully, he found Jesus. No, not the son of God, but rather the prison bunk mate Ichabod met when he was detained for trying to smuggle a Sumerian tablet in from Scotland. Because this is Sleepy Hollow and that's how it goes! Spaghetti to the wall, remember. I wouldn't have it any other way. So what's going on with Ichabod? He's lost; he's alone and he doesn't understand how he is supposed to live in this world if he has no mission. Before, being trapped in the modern world was tolerable and, possibly, even enjoyable because Ichabod had the war against evil. There was Molcoh and Henry and the Apocalypse and his mission was clear and obvious: stop all these things. With Abbie's help, Ichabod fought the evil demons that came to Sleepy Hollow. But now? Now there is nothing and the cost of fighting evil was the life of his son and his wife. Ichabod has always been a traveler as a man out of time and out of his culture. Ichabod follows that theme and goes traveling to find his new destiny, but in the process loses the one thing that gave his life meaning, monsters or no: Abbie. Turns out, Mr. Crane dropped the ball and didn't call for nine months. *scoff* Men.

Abbie may think that she's found a new mission with the FBI but it takes Ichabod coming back into her life to make her realize that her mission is the same as it always has been: to fight the magical monsters. Abbie and Ichabod have always been each others other half. Now, I don't mean that romantically but they are stronger together. They fit together, two parts of a puzzle. The FBI and the drug overlords of the world aren't where Abbie's mission lies; her's is a more mythic and more important one. And, it has to be with Ichabod. I think, in part, Abbie was glad to get away from the crazy for nine months. After all, it has followed her since she was a young girl in that grove with white trees and Moloch brought Henry forth. But you cannot run from your destiny, from your true mission. I cheered so hard when Abbie declared, loud and proud, "The monsters are real and it's my job to stop them. It's my mission." Get down with your mythic self, Abbie! The thrust of this episode is two-fold, really. First it sets up the new player in town, Pandora with her box (yes Classic Greek Mythology!) and secondly, to reconnect Abbie and Ichabod. They are stronger together; they are meant to be together. Destroyers. Partners. Witnesses. Friends. Together, they are not alone.

Miscellaneous Notes on I, Witness

--Bye bye Headless? Into the box you go!

--Don't have too much of a read on Pandora yet, but she does seem properly scary. 

--Crane on a plane. That must have been hysterical.

--The hair looks great for both Ichabod and Abbie. And Ichabod putting on his Ye Olde Clothing was basically porn.

--Betsy Ross seems interesting enough, but here's hoping she stays in her own time and doesn't make her way to modern day Sleepy Hollow. I'm all for the paralleling of Abbie and Betsy, but the girl should stay in her own time.

--Miss Jenny was GREAT in this episode. I love her friendship with Ichabod and the three of them working together felt like old times. "Guns, knives, things that go boom."

--"They take our history and used it to decorate an eatery!" "They also have mini golf."

--Abbie saved Crane from the Yaogui because that's how Sleepy Hollow rolls. You do those wonderful role reversals! I live for them.

--Ichabod yelling "not a pirate!" made my entire TV year.

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