Tuesday, January 6, 2015

In Which I Review Sleepy Hollow (2x12)

Welcome back, Sleepy Hollow! Did everyone have a nice break? A few headless weeks off but here we are again, ready to ride off on another heroes quest. This weeks episode, "Paradise Lost," deals with a few things, but two themes more than any other: the big question of 'what comes next?' and reinvention. For those that don't remember, we last left Team Witness on the scorched earth battlefield with Henry having killed Moloch and the Apocalypse being diverted. Good times. This week, the question of what life would be like without the constant battle for evil is raised...and then summarily dismissed as the Witnesses realize that they aren't out of the (metaphorical) woods. Because an angel has come to town. No, hes not wearing a long beige trench coat, but he does talk with a low raspy voice (Supernatural reference!) The tides are turning and we march back into the fray, ready to see how this show is going to rejuvenate itself.

Let's start with the fist question: what comes next? I am reminded of the series finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The First Evil is smashed back and Buffy has awoken all the Slayers of the World. She's unburdened and free to live her life, however she sees fit. Of course, in comic book lore Buffy is still Chief Slayer because once a slayer, always a slayer. But at the end, you have that question of "so what do we do now?" Six weeks after the demon Moloch is defeated, Katrina is living apart from Ichabod as they try to figure out their marriage...without speaking to one another. There's a good sign right there. Working on your issues without talking is usually the right ticket to solving the problem! While Ichabod throws himself into hunting down new clues that there is still demonic evil in the world, Katrina spends more time with Abraham because of course she does. See, I know I'm not the biggest fan of Katrina and, yes, I still think she is mildly evil, but I also realize that I am incredibly bored by her at this stage. Katrina keeps making these horrible choices that stem from an overly emotional frame of mind and she continues to contribute really nothing to Team Witnesses except to be Abbie's foil. Katrina thinks she owes Abraham and should return him to his humanity since she has seen a spark of the man he once was. Um, wasn't the man he once was a spiteful, jealous, egotistical clingy guy? Do we really need one more of those in this world? Katrina certainly thinks so. Drop her like she's hot, Ichabod. Do us all that favor. Meanwhile, Team Witnesses continue their day to day task of finding evil which is proving to be rather illusive. Abbie and Ichabod have a really great talk about how this is their purpose but it feels like it has been taken away; so what does that make them? Ex-witnesses? Regular Joe's with 9-5 jobs and a mortgage? What do you do when the evil you've been tracking has suddenly vanished? Luckily an angel swoops down to save us all from contemplating too hard.

Long story short, Orion is an angel who was held in Purgatory but is now free to bring his own special brand of crazy to the world. He is a zealot; he like justice and order and will damn anyone whom he perceives as being evil. Including Team Witnesses. Orion has an agenda against Mr. Headless which leads to the interesting dilemma of saving Abraham and risking him being their enemy or letting Abraham die but letting Orion unleash all sorts of zealous reform on the world. Choices, choices. Ichabod and Abbie chose what they feel is the lesser of two evil and Abraham is allowed to live--of course, cant have Sleepy Hollow without the Headless Horseman, now can we? Is Orion the new big bad? Is he not only what is next, but the reinvention of the show? Not sure and I'm not sure how I'd feel about it, if he was. Orion seemed set up that way and it does make sense that after the evil fest that was Moloch, we examine the other end of the spectrum, for the sake of balance. But I also just really want to know where Henry is! Seriously, where is that crazy loon? Oh, speaking of crazy loons...hi Frank.

Yeah, that's all I got on Captain Irving. Not even a the slightest idea on that.

Miscellaneous Notes on Paradise Lost

--Ichabod at an organic market. How cute.

--"That's what partners are for." Oh, Ichabbie. I have missed you.

--Ichabod still exists in between Katrina's emotion and Abbie's pragmatism. He might have to choose someday.

--Will Ichabod and Katrina get back together? I rather hope not.

--"Our bond cannot be broken. Witnesses represent."

--No, seriously...where is Henry?

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