Saturday, May 25, 2013

In Which We Meet the Principle Player

Coffee in hand, I sit at the well worn desk staring at my as yet to typed screen and ponder...blogging. How does one do? 

This is an experiment.

I've been toying with the idea of starting a blog for sometime now. It's entirely possible this experiment is doomed to fail or--perhaps more horrifically--that what I perceive to be pithy, sarcastic, well thought out axioms and experiences will fall flat before the eyes of any (potential) readers.

Why am I starting a blog?

I like words. I like putting words on (digital) paper, twisting them, turning them, sticking them next to other words and seeing if they spark yet more words. I blame four years as a humanities undergraduate and two years as a humanities graduate student. All we do is words.

Other possible reasons for starting said blog:
--Updating friends and family on current situations in life.
--To keep my writing fresh and nuanced. Practice makes perfect, in other words.
--To stave off boredom that comes from trying to figure out your life at the age of 26 when life suddenly threw you one too many curve balls.
--To have a place to write about ideas, TV, movies, books, my bunny. (Yes you read that last one correctly).

Is there a structure to blogging?

A professor of mine--who, incidentally, made my class keep a blog as part of our course work--would tell me that there is a structure and a method and that, most likely, I am currently failing at that.  At any rate, maybe I should take a few steps back and do the biographical shtick.

Name: Jacquelyn
Occupation: Somewhere between student and wannabe professional
Sign: Taurus (I'm stubborn. Also Year of the Rabbit which I suppose means I'm lucky)
Age: 26
Location: the great Midwest of America (AKA: one of those states politicians only care about every four years right around November)
Education: Bachelors in History and Religion; Masters in Comparative Religion (which seemed like a good idea at the time).
Useless Skills: Can read Latin and Greek! (which is not at all helpful)
Claim to Fame: Bunny Owner. Listener of loud punk rock music. Sci-fi and fantasy nerd. Spender of way too much time on the Internet. Whovian. Oncer.

What will I blog about?
Job searching

How does one sign off from a blog?

TTFN? Peace out? Until next time? DFTBA (Don't Forget To Be Awesome)? Goodbye?

I'll work on that.

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